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Katherine and Jared MacLane


Jared MacLane and Katherine Petty MacLane

In late 2011 Jared and Katherine Petty MacLane set out to take the polo shirt, a standard of American fashion, and transform it with European luxury. Celebrated for fit, fabric and bespoke details, KP MacLane has given the polo a complete renovation. Made in New York using only the finest French knit fabric, each polo shirt is of exceptional quality taking approximately one full day to produce. The MacLanes updated each element. For example, Katherine says, “The placket on the women’s polo is the perfect length to showcase jewelry without showing too much skin. And, the soft, self-collar on both the men’s and women’s polos make it a luxurious and versatile piece.” In a niche built on prominent logos, the MacLanes opted not to display theirs. The goal is to be “ageless, not trendy.” 


Each polo is presented in a hand-embroidered linen bag, which doubles as the perfect travel laundry tote. From weekend to workweek, the back nine to that special evening on the town, a KP MacLane polo is a true versatile wardrobe staple. 


“We’ve created a classic piece that fits seamlessly into any wardrobe –updates it and provides the versatility to wear anywhere,” says Jared. “We wanted a shirt that guys could wear to work and not have anyone question whether or not it’s too casual.”

For Spring 2014, KP MacLane launched a second series of knitwear, a crewneck sweater for men and boatneck sweater for women, made from luxurious Pima Cotton.